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How it all got started

From a meme

to a movement!


I wanted to take a moment to personally connect with you because this project holds a special place in my heart. I'm Drew Eubanks, the CREATOR of Balls for Heroes and a proud United States Marine Veteran. Semper Fidelis! Interestingly, my journey into golf began while I was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. While I've dedicated most of my life to the worlds of marketing, advertising, and sales through several ventures, I've been on a quest for a new purpose to reignite my passion.

It's amazing how inspiration can strike in unexpected ways. One day, a golf buddy of mine shared a random meme about a company looking to give away golf balls branded with their logo as a form of free advertisement. That's when my 'AHA moment' happened! This simple meme sparked the inception of our mission, and now we're on a mission to provide over 1,000,000 FREE golf balls to our heroes!


Thank you for you service

and continued support!

Our Mission

At Balls for Heroes, our mission is to make every swing count and honor the unwavering dedication of our active duty military, veterans and first responders. We're committed to giving away over 1,000,000 free golf balls, symbolizing our gratitude and support for those who've served and protected our communities. Through quality golf balls and innovative partnerships, we aim to bring joy, healing, and camaraderie to those who've sacrificed for our freedom. Join us in a journey where golf meets gratitude, and together, we make a meaningful impact on the lives of our heroes.

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